Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A year of finishes

So since I have finally fished that stocking , I decided I need to finish up other projects I had began years ago. I am starting with the 2 closest to the couch where I sit n stitch. The first on is the last of a 3 piece set of gingerbread houses. I finished the second one in 2009, yes it has been that long.It is coming right along. Here is where I am now.

The second piece is the Hardanger I started in June at the retreat I went to. I am almost done with it. Hes is where I am with it.

I have several other projects. I am working on my name tag for my EGA group. It is also almost done. I have 4 smocking projects. 3 Easter eggs and a pin cushion. And we are doing an egg project in my EGA group next 2 months. and in March I plan on taking a smocking class on making a baby bonnet. 
 And there is also a stump work piece I need to finish. I also want to finish my Japanese silk embroidery phase 1, so I can begin Phase2-3.   I will have pictures later when I start each project. I hope to accomplish my goals for this year. We will see.


  1. your stitching projects are gorgeous! Keep up the good work!

  2. Great stitching !! I love the gingerbread house !! Who is the designer for it ?. And the Hardanger is gorgeous !!