Monday, July 29, 2013

So it has been quite a while sine I updated the blog. Boy I am a big slacker on  Allot has happened this month I had a birthday, yep another year older. And nobody knew it because I don't put it on Facebook   or in the internet groups I am in, just a personal choice.  The cake was good.                                                                                                                            

 I have a couple of stitching finishes . I put the back on some ornie's that have been done stitching for a while but they just needed the finishing touches.
I made my first Smocked Bishop's dress. It was a challenge but it turned out nice I think. Now I have 3 more baby outfits to make I have got to get busy.

Now the fun part, my daughter's baby shower was last weekend. Wow what a mess I had in my kitchen. Thankfully I had everything done but the cake. I had planned on making it the day before ,but I was out to late and got lazy. So I waited til the morning of. BTW NEVER EVER do that, because if it can go wrong it will. First thing the cake pan I bought was too big for the oven, why would anyone think the cake pan wouldn't fit. I only had this thing for 3 months never dawned on me it wouldn't fit. It's O.K. we will think of something different. O.k. change of plans I will make the bottom with the smaller pan and make 2 instead of 1. It's all good it is still early we can get r done. Oh no , I have one more cake to make and I run out of oil,everyone is asleep,aaarrrrrhhhh I have to go to the store . O.k. we can do this. Well it did finally get done, not what I had planned but it was done. I am late I have the key. So we load up and off we go. I get there about 15  ins. before the shower is to start and everyone was sooo sweet gave a helping hand to set up for the shower. We had a great time and my daughter was very happy.

And my dear sweet husband, A . put up with my stressed out mad woman fit B. helped get everything into the church.  C. Cleaned the mess I left in the kitchen, he soo sweet.

 This is the diaper cake I made for her, it was the fun cake. I finished it about a month ago so it was in the box ready to go.

This is a diaper baby my daughter's co-worker gave her. I loved it I'm going to have to learn how to do that.
But the main thing is we all had fun time, enjoyed everyone who came . My daughter received many wonderful gift, one thing for sure baby A.J. will not have a dirty bum, and will not go naked for a