Wednesday, April 7, 2010

This is my longest cross stitch I have done. It was mt first large project. It took 4 years. I finished it Oct. 1996. I am planning on getting it framed.


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This is the famous furbaby, Zeb (Pomeranian) and Purcey sleeping together( Top picture). Purcey adopted us right after we got Zeb. So they think they are brothers. They where so funny when they where babies, they would roll around play.
The bottom picture is Zeb after his haircut today. He looks like a rat with a fluffy tail. We have him shaved once in a while. He only weighs 7 lbs., I think Purcey is a bit heavier, at least he looks like he does.

I just started using the scroll frame , I like it pretty much. But I still like holding the fabric in my hand. I made a tote bag to carry the frame in. It is reversible on side has the kitty kats, and the other has the paw prints, I thought it was cute. I also made the covers for the frame to help keep the fabric clean. I didn't have a pattern, i had seen them in a book and just figured it out. It was fun and didn't take long.