Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Our furbaby Zeus is growing like a weed. He is taller than our boy Zeb. They are getting along great now. It is funny watching them play tug o war over the toys. They crack me up running around chasing each other.
 He will be getting neutered Friday. Poor boy. It's going to interesting trying to keep them two separated while he is recovering.


  1. Really cute Gina! our new Kitty Holly weighs in at 4 pounds she is a cutie though need to get a better picture of her though.

    Mary Louise

  2. So cute, thanks for sharing! Happy holidays.

  3. Your tug of War story brings back memories to me of our daughter Sarah and our poodle (Petro) when Sarah was a toddler. They loved each other a great deal and played all the time.