Monday, December 21, 2009

Craft Building

This is my pride and joy. It took 3 years to build and another year before we got the heat pump put in it. It started as a simple building. And grew into a huge project, but I love it. This is my craft shop A.K.A doll house. This all came about because my hobbies GREW . I had stuff ALL over the house, I was amazed where I found my craft stuff. And how much I actually had. But when I started making porcelain dolls, we knew something was going to have to give. So my husband decided I needed to go out into the backyard . I was hurt but I am over that now. LOL This is much better than trying to cut out your patterns on the living floor while the dog is walking all over you and the cat is laying on the pattern. I don't know I mite miss that, NOT!


  1. Really great building! But then you already knew that:0)

  2. Great idea except I couldn't fill one for myself. Enjoy it.